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Helpful tips and tricks from the Nettl of Dublin team

Get on your dancing shoes

CHRISTMAS — Get on Your Dancing Shoes - You're no wallflower It can seem very daunting to come out of the shadows and put your company in centre stage. We know! We understand what you're going through. That's why we created our exhibition range. We want to help people...

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10 seconds… dear Lord!

CHRISTMAS — 10 seconds is all it takes How to stop users leaping from your site. According to Business Insider, in real life, you only get 7 seconds to make it a good one. What’s perhaps more interesting is that a number of the elements needed to make a good...

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Can you ignore a bagpipe? How about 11?

CHRISTMAS — Can you ignore a bagpipe?How about 11? We have been creating music since we were cavemen. From lullabies to war chants, music has always served a purpose in the human experience. As human civilization has developed and changed, the way we make and share...

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12 drummers drumming

CHRISTMAS — 12 Weeks left to bang your drum!   Drum up a ruckus stand out, be heard, be noticed. Wallflowers are beautiful, but nobody notices them. Marketing is about standing out. I recently asked people what their best marketing tip was. John Murray from John...

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13 weeks to go!

CHRISTMAS — 13 Weeks to Go!   Christmas is thirteen weeks away, and while that might not be music to your ears, hear me out. Every year the tinsel emerges from the attics earlier and earlier. Our freckles and farmer tans were still out in force when Brown Thomas...

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A little about us

Welcome to Nettl!   Let us introduce ourselves.   We are a team of three, sometimes four if Mat isn't jet-setting around the world kindly sharing his expertise and advice with our partners. For the most part, the studio is left in the very capable hands of Siobhan,...

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2 Stephen Street Lower,
Dublin 2, D02 RW74

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